Your safety is our priority.

Sex workers often find themselves as being victims of crimes which are of a serious violent or sexual nature, however they may be reluctant to make formal complaints to the police. The crimes may have been committed by persons posing as clients.

Offenders need to be identified because they may attack other sex workers, with studies showing men who murder sex workers frequently have a history of violence against sex workers and others.

Turnaround supports sex workers in reporting violence, attacks and incidents through our local Ugly Mugs scheme. It allows you to report anonymously if preferred. 

An ‘ugly mug’ is anyone whose behaviour you feel is unacceptable. It may be a client, a member of the public or another sex worker.

Any information provided to us will be shared with your permission to the local police sex worker liaison officer. If you do not want your personal details shared we can do it anonymously. 

By completing an Ugly Mugs report you help to improve the safety of all sex workers.

For more information on National Ugly Mugs visit